Off-Page SEO Techniques You Should Avoid

Off-Page SEO Techniques You Should Avoid

Jan 22
Off-Page SEO Techniques You Should Avoid

As a serious entrepreneur, your main goal is to stay ahead of the competition. Off-page SEO plays a crucial role in maintaining your website’s excellent standing. It’s all about enhancing your site’s position in the search engine results pages (SERP).

Well, that may sound easy, but search engines love changing their algorithms regularly. Search engines are always creating and implementing new rules and guidelines for ranking a website. So, you must stay updated with regard to these changes. Make sure you only use acceptable off-page SEO techniques.

Techniques You Shouldn’t Use

If you’ve been using off-page SEO in the past few years, you should check whether your techniques are still safe to use. Search engines are expecting you to become accustomed to the changes they make, and use only acceptable SEO strategies.

To help you out, here’s a list of off-page SEO techniques you should avoid:

Forum Marketing

This technique mainly involves posting in different forums. With this strategy, you’re going almost anywhere online to mention and promote your brand. But this process is indeed time-consuming and quite unnecessary. Instead of doing this, spend your precious time on the more crucial aspects of your business. There should be no pressure when it comes to SEO.

Article Directories

Submitting your content to article directories was among the most common SEO tricks a few years ago. However, these websites are not often visited by actual users. As you’ve probably guessed, article directories were among those that suffered significant traffic losses due to Google algorithm changes.

Search Engine Submission

Sending a website to search engines was also a common method for ensuring that it got indexed. However, it’s now considered a black hat SEO strategy, as search engines have become more sophisticated than ever. Websites are now indexed automatically – and the process doesn’t take long.

Social Bookmarking

Websites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon are good when they cause your business goes viral. Sadly, you have a very small chance to go viral through their help. Besides, these websites update themselves extremely fast, so today’s post may no longer be visible tomorrow.

Mass Social Media Production

Perhaps you’re thinking that making your website available on all social networks a good idea. But that’s not always the case. In fact, it’s among the worst things you can do nowadays.

Many social networks are not related to your business. Your business should only be on those networks which are related to your niche. Choose only the most appropriate social networking platforms, so you can focus better on the right audiences.

About Effective Off-Page SEO

youtube marketing

The off-page SEO strategies mentioned above are mostly ineffective and outdated. If you want your site to get better rankings, you should always follow the latest rules implemented by search engines. To improve your website’s search visibility, try the following off-page SEO techniques:

  • Obtain authority links
  • Enhance your social network signals
  • Start responding to questions on Quora
  • Start creating YouTube videos for your business
  • Create infographics and use great-looking images
  • Focus more on your keywords
  • Engage in guest-blogging

Likewise, you must be careful to avoid getting penalized by Google and other search engines. For your peace of mind – especially if you’re not entirely familiar with the endless changes on the web – entrust the job to a reliable SEO company, instead of simply going the DIY route.