Ways to Grow Your Business’ Social Media Presence

Ways to Grow Your Business’ Social Media Presence

Jan 31
Ways to Grow Your Business’ Social Media Presence

A new marketing strategy that entrepreneurs have taken a liking to, is marketing via social media. It’s a pretty smart choice, once you understand the system and know how it works, and here are a few advantages:

Spend less on marketing costs

You can easily create an account on many social media platforms for free. No need to spend money on brochures or fliers that would probably end up in trash cans, instead, you can use your marketing budget for other aspects of your business.

Exposure to more potential customers

More social media platforms mean more chances to come across potential customers. Entering social media marketing is an opportunity to expand your business from your local town to nationwide, or even worldwide.

Not all of these advantages come to you automatically. Some of them need popularity to actually be felt. If the business has existed for a while and has lots of satisfied customers, social media marketing won’t be a problem. But if you’re just getting started, you may have to pull a few strings to help you out.

Be friendly

A wide circle of friends on social media is a great advantage. Start with your usual customers and your friends, ask them to kindly share, tweet or like your posts. They’ll be happy to do it for you with a simple click or a tap, if you give them a follow in return.

If you can afford it, have some sort of giveaway contest

free giveaways

Give Something Away For Free..

There’s nothing better than getting stuff for free, so have a giveaway contest, where people need to like and share your page or posts to get the prize. It will instantly give you a popularity boost. Just make sure that it’s legit though.

Be creative

It’s not just about colorful, eye-catching graphics, but also the uniqueness of how you can attract customers. Apply other marketing techniques to make the best out of this strategy.

This marketing strategy can be good for business, but like all things, there are a few downsides to it. For these drawbacks, the best way to handle it is by being professional in every way possible. It’s not worth doing otherwise if the cost is your hard-earned social media presence.

Spending time to monitor your accounts

The reason you’re on social media is to get customers, so inactivity in any of your accounts will make this strategy useless. If you can hire someone to handle your accounts, that would be great. But if you can’t, either get a friend to help or do it yourself by setting up a schedule to lessen the hassle.

Virtual encounters with rude people

There will be times when someone will try to ruin you by leaving negative comments about your business, even though they were never customers. Delete those comments as soon as possible and even block those kinds of people from your page if you think they really deserve it.